Do your feet your on a continuous basis?
Are you afraid of going jogging?
Are you afraid of going for a walk?
Are you afraid of even walking down the hall because it Is going to cause your feet or your ankles to hurt?
This isn’t an uncommon situation. A lot of folks deal with foot and ankle pain on a daily basis. Come see board certified physician at Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialists.
You know most people that are suffering from foot and ankle issues can have their problems resolved with correct fitting Orthotics. That’s right, orthotics is just fancy word for shoe inserts that replace the soles of your exist shoes. Orthotics help put your foot in the position that it needs to interface with the ground properly. You don’t have to suffer from constant pain in your feet and ankles. Some folks just think that hurtin feet and ankles is just part of getting older. A lot of times hurting feet and ankles is just a function of getting correct fitting orthotics in your shoes.
Think of our team as a group of highly trained and experience folks that help your feet interface with ground correctly with orthotics. Our orthotics work. We have great orthotic products that are
the best shoe inserts in Tulsa. We help you get the orthotics into your shoe and help your foot set correctly on the ground just like it needs to sit.
Your feet are a necessary part of staying active. Therefore, do not let foot and ankle pain keep you sidelined. Our orthotics can relieve your foot pain, but not just any orthotics will do for. Make sure that your orthotics are fitted exactly to your shoe and your orthotics exactly to your foot. A poor fitting orthotic actually can cause you more pain.
You need to have someone that is trained, skilled, and experienced in the art of fitting orthotics to your foot and your shoe. This is where the experts at Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialists should be your only source for your orthotics needs.
There is no shortage of places selling run of the mill orthotics. However, there is a real shortage of educated, skilled, and experienced physicians that can fit you to your shoe inserts. There are a lot of factors that can cause an orthotic to not help you or cause you more pain.
We will make sure that your orthotics will be the correct fit for you and for your shoe. With a correctly fitting orthotic your foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain can completely go away.
You want to get your orthotics from the best. The best orthotic source in Tulsa is only from Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialists. We have five easy to access location across the Tulsa area. It is quite a claim to say that you are the best orthotic source in Tulsa, but you don’t have to take our work on it. Check us out on Google. We have more 5 star Google reviews than all

of our competitors combined in the Tulsa area. That’s right, list to what our real customers have to say. Hundreds of customers can’t be wrong.
Find out why so many customers are saying that Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialists is the best orthotics source in the Tulsa area.
We are ranked the highest in Tulsa because we take the time to listen to our customers. Sometimes orthotics are not the answer for you. Sometime orthotics are the correct path for you to go down to get rid of your foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain. Only a skilled, board certified, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, that have decades of training, decades of experience, and the desire to see you back on your feet is the difference.
We are going to take the time to make sure that your orthotics fit your foot the way that your foot needs to interface with the ground correctly.
A common misconception is that orthotics are supposed to be comfortable. While that is definitely a byproduct of orthotics it isn’t the goal of shoe inserts. The goal of your shoe inserts is to make your foot sit correctly inside your shoe so that your joints and bones work correctly with your shoes and the ground.
When your joints and bones are working correctly then the pain will go away. Then you can get back to the active lifestyle that you need.
Not all orthotics work the same. This is why you need a specialists. If you go to an average shoe store someone with little to no training and experience might actually cause you more damage.
If your foot has a tendency to rotate inward it could cause your ankle, knee, hip, or back to have to make up for the fact that your foot is not sitting on the ground correctly. When you have joints that are making up for angles that other joints then you often find pain and other serious problems.
Let’s say that you went to an average shoe store and they handed you an orthotic for your shoe. You put it in your shoe expecting that you were helping your feet, but instead of helping your foot the shoe insert rotated your foot further to the inside. Well this would cause your feet to hurt worse, your ankles to hurt, your knees to hurt, your hips to hurt, and your back to hurt.
This is why you need an expert to find why your foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip, and back are hurting. Once they identify the problem then that make sure that your orthotics fits you correctly. The arch of the orthotic needs to be in the right place and at the right height, and so forth.

Once they fit the orthotic to your need and to your foot then it is time to make sure that your orthotic fits your shoe correctly. Just because your orthotics can correct your issue and just because your orthotics fit your foot does not mean that they fit in your shoe well.
There are many factors that cause orthotics and shoe inserts to be effective or ineffective and only a trained expert will know the difference. This is why it is imperative to go to the best place in Tulsa to get Orthotics. The best is Metro Tulsa Foot and Ankle Specialists.

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