Our board-certified surgeons develop customized treatment plans that account for your unique needs. Our highly educated professionals are trained to deal with a wide variety of foot problems.

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  • I need to see someone who specializes in bunions ( prefer non surgical treatment) and a toe dislocation . It is the left great toe and the 2nd toe it looks horrible and I am unable to find shoes bc of the situation of the toes . It is starting on my right foot as well ( the 2nd toe) . I don’t know. If there are any nonsurgical answers . I have multiple myeloma , but in temission . All of this has happened due to the neuropathy from the chemo — velcade I have been on a maintenance chemo vacation due to the severity of the neuropathy .

    • Paula, sorry for the slow response; however, I would really like for you to come see us and see what I can do for you. We have plenty of non-surgical options available to you.Call our office at 9184944902

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